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We always listen to our customers, try to understand their needs, therefore we develop products according to their demand with latest technology. We haven’t stopped at new products. We also provide updates to previous ones.

In the previous update of Academia, we provided some new features & bug fixes, and this time we have tried to do the same. We have come with advanced LMS integration and other cool features.
Now Academia v3.0 comes with the integration of Shika LMS to manage your e-learning website with more efficiency. LMS stands for Learning Management System.

Learning: Because it assists you to deliver educational courses or training.

Management: Because it helps you to handle these courses (Creating, Altering, assigning to students, grading them, etc.)

System: It is a computer application program.

Just like Photoshop lets you edit photo, MySQL helps you manage your database, Shika LMS allows you to set up, organize and deliver e-courses and training.

You can easily manage your courses and students with Shika. You do not need any other tools for running your e-learning websites as you got everything at one place. Besides with Shika LMS, a student can interact and learn much better in an efficient way.

Let’s check Key features that Shika offers:

​Support for multiple lesson types from SCORM to Documents and Videos: With Shika, you get more than one type of lesson formats like HTML5, SCORM, powerpoint, documents, audio, and videos. You can make your courses interactive and manage efficiently with these lesson formats. Interactive way always helps to learn better and faster.
Built-in Quizzing Engine: Shika has built-in quizzing engine that lets you conduct scheduled or manual quiz from anywhere. All you have to do is set the questions and time for the quiz.
​E-Commerce Enabled: You will get full support to sell your courses or educational instruments as Shika is e-commerce enabled. Shika allows you to handle course subscription from one place very easily. There are multiple payment plugins like PayPal, 2Checkout, Authorizenet is available with Shika.
​Social Integrations with EasySocial and JomSocial: For socializing EasySocial and JomSocial integration is given with Shika. It’s up to you to choose your desired social extension.
​Authoring Tools: Standard Joomla WYSIWYG and Drag & Drop HTML course authoring comes with Shika to give you the ultimate authoring experience.
​Developer APIs: You can easily override the output to give your own custom look to Shika, as it uses MVC. Besides Shika LMS is easily extensible, that makes it easy to modify and intercept data, add your own twist and extend features. You can add your own lesson types.

Shika is a full featured LMS for Joomla and we just highlighted some key features. There are tons of other features available on Shika.

We have added 3 stylish layers for Shika LMS extension.